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Get and enjoy apps, games and digital content. Apps download for free with Play Stor Refractive index database [about] Shelf. Book Page. Optical constants of Ag (Silver) Johnson and Christy 1972: n,k 0.188-1.94 µm. Wavelength: µm (0.1879 - 1.9370) Complex. Refractive index database [about] Shelf MAIN - simple inorganic materials ORGANIC - organic materials GLASS - glasses OTHER - miscellaneous materials 3D - selected data for 3D artist Interspecimen comparison of the refractive index of fused silica, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 55, 1205-1208 (1965) 2) C. Z. Tan. Determination of refractive index of silica glass for infrared wavelengths by IR spectroscopy, J. Non-Cryst

2) C. Z. Tan. Determination of refractive index of silica glass for infrared wavelengths by IR spectroscopy, J. Non-Cryst. Solids 223 , 158-163 (1998) * Sellmeier formula is reported in Ref. 1 for the 0.21-3.71 μm wavelength range The refractive index changes induced by UV irradiation appear to affect the internal stress in the core [59].There are conflicting observations, both of which are supported by experimental evidence [60].In this section we consider the measurement of internal stress by optical means [61, 62].The technique is simple and requires the measurement of the state of the polarization of a focused spot. Refractive index of air: new equations for the visible and near infrared, Appl. Optics 35, 1566-1573 (1996) [ Calculation script (Python) - can be used for calculating refractive index of air at a given humidity, temperatire, pressure, and CO 2 concentration Thanks for your question. The cut-off wavelength of this single mode fiber is ≤1260nm. The effective group refractive index is 1.466 @ 1310nm and 1.467 @1550nm. Any other questions, please feel free to contact with us anytime

HPFS® Fused Silica glasses are known throughout the industry for their consistent, repeatable performance. We offer many different grades of fused silica to support various product applications. Glass codes 7979, 7980, and 8655 are high purity non-crystalline silica glasses with excellent optical qualities. Product characteristics include extraordinarily low refractive index variations. Raman Kashyap, in Fiber Bragg Gratings (Second Edition), 2010. Publisher Summary. This chapter discusses femtosecond-induced refractive index changes in glass. Exposing silica to high-peak power femtosecond (fs) laser pulses leads to the direct writing of complex refractive index structures, such as diffractive elements, waveguides, and local refractive index modification For a typical sample of ArFS05 the refractive index and extinction coefficient at 632.8 nm are 1.5159 and 0. Below are files of complete refractive index and extinction coefficients. If the file is not available for download, you can request our proprietary file by clicking Request

Refractive index of human red blood cells between 290 nm

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You are here: Laseroptik / Substrates / Stock substrates / Material refractive indices. Material refractive indices. Stock substrates. Refractive index for each stock substrate material, listed for different wavelengths. λ [nm] MgF 2 ord. ray CaF 2 FS Sapphire ord. ray YAG undoped ZnSe; 157: 1.468: 1.558 : 1.661 - - - 193: 1.428: 1.502: 1.561: 1.927 - - 248: 1.403: 1.468: 1.509: 1. Reiner Quarz ist farblos und transparent, während unreine Formen teilweise einen eigenen Namen haben wie beispielsweise Citrin (hellgelb oder braun mit einem Brechungsindex von ~~1‚55) und Amethyst (violett mit einem Index von ~1‚54). Makrokristalline Varianten, d.h. solche mit großen Kristallen, können transparent bis transluzent sein. Cryptokristalline Varianten (die Kristalle sind zu.

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  1. Left axis: refractive index of ZnSe as a function of the propagating wavelength using the Sellmeier coefficient from ref. 33 (black curve). Potential effects of the fs-laser-induced variation in.
  2. When the focal point of the interfering fs laser pulses is positioned inside the target materials, an embedded grating is recorded through a refractive index modulation, either due to structural alternations such as densification in silica glass, crystallographic phase changes from crystalline to amorphous states, or the formation of micropores due to the evaporation of a small amount of the.
  3. Femtosecond laser-induced refractive index modification in multicomponent glasses. Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Applied Physics 97(8) · April 2005 with 948 Reads How we measure 'reads' A.
  4. A very simple method to obtain the refractive index of liquids by using a rectangular glass cell and a diffraction grating engraved by fs laser ablation on the inner face of one of the walls of the cell is presented. When a laser beam impinges normally on the diffraction grating, the diffraction orders are deviated when they pass through the cell filled with the liquid to be measured
  5. es how much the path of light is bent, or refracted, when entering a material.This is described by Snell's law of refraction, n 1 sinθ 1 = n 2 sinθ 2, where θ 1 and θ 2 are the angles of incidence and refraction, respectively, of a ray crossing the interface between two media with refractive indices n 1 and n 2.The refractive indices also deter
  6. ia,* Jean-Philippe Bérubé, and Réal Vallée Centre d'optique, photonique et laser (COPL), Université.
  7. RESULTS: We found no differences in terms of refractive predictability between SMILE and FS-LASIK in eyes with high myopia: 56% versus 58.7% achieved ± 0.5 D of attempted correction (P=0.771), and 81.3% versus 76.1% achieved ± 1.0 D of attempted correction (P=0.489), respectively. Efficacy indices of the SMILE and FS-LASIK groups were 1.02 ± 0.24 and 1.03 ± 0.24 (P=0.742); safety indices.

Gallium phosphide (GaP) is one of the few available materials with strong optical nonlinearity and negligible losses in the visible (λ > 450 nm) and near-infrared regime. In this work, we demonstrate that a GaP film can generate sub-30-fs (full width at half maximum) transmission modulation of up to ~70% in the 600- to 1000-nm wavelength range group index (N): In fiber optics, for a given mode propagating in a medium of refractive index, the velocity of light in vacuum, c, divided by the group velocity of the mode. Note: For a plane wave of wavelength, the group index may also be expressed, where n is the phase index of wavelength . This HTML version of FS-1037C was last generated on Fri Aug 23 00:22:38 MDT 1996. Its bulk refractive index usually defines the refractive index of the fiber cladding. Adding dopant materials to the host material forms the fiber core. Dopant materials. To change the refractive index of optical fiber, pure silica is often doped with dopants. For example, adding germanium can result in an increase in the refractive index, while adding fluorine reduces it. The refractive index. When the two refractive indices are equal (n(1) = n(2)), then the light is passed through without refraction. In optical microscopy, refractive index is an important variable in calculating numerical aperture, which is a measure of the light-gathering and resolving power of an objective. In most instances, the imaging medium for microscopy is air, but high-magnification objectives often employ.

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