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  1. e the atomic masses of the isotopes, as well as the element's average atomic mass. The units of these values will be in amu, which stands for atomic mass unit. One amu is.
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  3. UC Davis Stable Isotope Facility - Sample Weight Calculator Instructions: To calculate your optimal sample weights, enter %N and %C values for your sample material in the blue cells. Calculated results are shown in the green cells. See table for examples of %N and %C values for various materials. Samples must not exceed either 75mg total weight or 12mg of carbon. Enriched sample weights should.
  4. erals is based on certain assumptions. Radiation Activity Decay Calculation. Isotope (t) Half-life (T 1/2) Initial Activity (A 0) Decay time (t) Final Activity (A) List of all.
  5. The Online Isotopes in Precipitation Calculator: Information and release notes Synopsis. This page allows on-demand calculation of the estimated modern mean annual and monthly deuterium and oxygen isotope composition of precipitation at a specified location. 95% confidence intervals for the estimated annual values can also be obtained. It is intended as a tool to facilitate the use of stable.
  6. The term stable isotope has a meaning similar to stable nuclide, but is preferably used when speaking of nuclides of a specific element.Hence, the plural form stable isotopes usually refers to isotopes of the same element. The relative abundance of such stable isotopes can be measured experimentally (isotope analysis), yielding an isotope ratio that can be used as a research tool
  7. An Introduction to Isotopic Calculations John M. Hayes (jhayes@whoi.edu) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA, 30 September 2004 Abstract. These notes provide an introduction to: • Methods for the expression of isotopic abundances, • Isotopic mass balances, and • Isotope effects and their consequences in open and closed systems. Notation. Absolute abundances of.

An Introduction to Isotopic Calculations John M. Hayes (jhayes@whoi.edu) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA, 4 January 2004 Abstract. These notes provide an introduction to: termed isotope effects. As a result of such effects, the • Methods for the expression of isotopic abundances, natural abundances of the stable isotopes of practically • Isotopic mass. enviPat Web - Exact mass isotope pattern, profile, centroid or intensoid calculator. Compare your measured data with the theoretical pattern, profile. enviPat Web is based on the enviPat R-Package The NIST Isotope Enrichment Calculator is a program written in Visual Basic which determines the percentage of 15 N enrichment of stable isotope-labeled peptides or proteins. A multinomial analysis of Hsu (Anal. Chem. 560 1356-1361 (1984)) is used to determine the theoretical isotopic distribution of an input sequence at incremental isotopic percentages which are compared with an input. Isotope dilution analysis is a method of determining the quantity of chemical substances. In its most simple conception, the method of isotope dilution comprises the addition of known amounts of isotopically-enriched substance to the analyzed sample. Mixing of the isotopic standard with the sample effectively dilutes the isotopic enrichment of the standard and this forms the basis for the.

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  1. The Web Stable Isotope Fractionation Calculator. Chapter (PDF Available) · December 2004 with 1,042 Reads How we measure 'reads' A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary.
  2. Exact Mass Calculator, Single Isotope Version (This Page) Type in Chemical Formula: Calculated: Exact Mass = u. Abundance = % We repair or replace old MS filaments. Inland 45 and Other Vacuum Oils. NIST 14 MS Library - Identify Mass Spectra Electron Multiplier for Agilent 5973 (many more available) Rotary vane or dry pumps, including affordable SIS pump . Syringe Pumps by New Era, low cost.
  3. Waterisotopes Database. Data Use Policy; Contribute Data; wiSamples App; OIPC: The Online Isotopes in Precipitation Calculator. Citing the OIPC. Isoscapes: Understanding Movement, Pattern, and Process on Earth Through Isotope Mapping (ed. West, Bowen, Dawson and Tu; Springer) All material copyright 2003-2019 by Gabriel Bowen | Supported by CHPC at the University of Utah Contact me: gabe.bowen.
  4. Sigma-Aldrich's substructure search, isotope peptide calculator, molecular weight and labeled liquid density, STP to NTP Cost Calculators & Research Tools

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Useful for calculating today's activity for any radioactive isotope. You may also back decay sources to find out the original activity (or for any date), knowing the current activity. If the isotope that you wish to decay is not on the drop down list, check the 'not listed' check-box and manually enter the isotope name and its half-life to perform the calculation. You may enter date or time or. The relative isotope abundance in chemistry is the percentage of a particular isotope that occurs in nature. The average atomic mass on the periodic table is used to calculate isotopic abundance problems, whether to solve for relative abundance or the mass of a particular isotope This chemistry video tutorial answers the question - what are isotopes? Isotopes are substances that are composed of the same element but consist of different mass numbers and number of neutrons calculated asthe ratio of concentrations betweenthe rare andabundantmolecules, e.g.: 18R = rare isotope abundance abundant isotope abundance [H18 2 O] [H16 2 O]. (2.1) Fractionation processes leading to isotopic enrichment anddepletionofareservoircan be quantified more intuitively if isotope ratios are expressed relative to a standard. Measurements of stable isotopes are also typically.

The Stable Isotope Facility (SIF) offers analysis for stable isotopes of several light elements (H,C,N,O,S) in a wide variety of sample forms at natural abundance or tracer levels. Most samples can be efficiently analyzed by continuous flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS). A dual inlet IRMS is available for very high precision work. The following analyses are available: Solid samples. Stable-Isotope Labeling of Algal Biomass Carbohydrates | Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. Biochemical Pathways Affected by Mitochondrial Stress | Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. MS-based, Quantitative Plasma Proteomics | Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc IDCalc -- Isotope Distribution Calculator. Written by Michael J. MacCoss, Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington . Background: IDCalc was developed to provide a simple way to view the expected isotope distribution for biological molecules measured by mass spectrometry. The program also includes the the ability to consider enriched stable isotopes. Input: Input is either as a. The new Stable Isotope Gas Analyzer is a cutting-edge upgrade to our standard Promethion™ systems, allowing simultaneous measurement of stable isotope tracers synchronously with the Promethion data stream. Measure the oxidation of exogenous nutrients. Figure A shows the oxidative disposal of a 2.5 mg bolus of 13 C-glucose in a control mouse. Possible experimental manipulations include: age.

Stable isotope probing (SIP) allows microbial identity to be linked to functional activity through the use of substrates labeled with stable isotopes. It has been used to its best advantage by labeling substrates that are used almost exclusively by the population of interest ( Dumont and Murrell, 2005; Radajewski et al., 2000; Wellington et al., 2003 ) # of stable Isotopes; Even: Even: 163: Even: Odd: 53: Odd: Even: 50: Odd: Odd: 4: Note . Although rare, four stable odd-odd nuclides exist: \(\ce{^2_1H}\), \(\ce{^{6}_3Li}\), \(\ce{^{10}_5B}\), \(\ce{^{14}_7N}\) Unstable or Stable. Here is a simple chart that can help you decide is an element is likely stable. Calculate the total number of nucleons (protons and neutrons) in the nuclide. If the.

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Most stable isotopes don't undergo radioactive decay, but a few do. If an isotope undergoes radioactive decay very, very slowly, it may be termed stable. An example is bismuth-209. Bismuth-209 is a stable radioactive isotope that undergoes alpha-decay but has a half-life of 1.9 x 10 19 years (which is more than a billion times longer than the estimated age of the universe). Tellurium-128. Isotopes and mass spectrometry. AP Chem: SPQ‑1 (EU), SPQ‑1.B (LO), SPQ‑1.B.1 (EK), SPQ‑1.B.2 (EK) Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Email. Key points: Atoms that have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons are known as isotopes. Isotopes have different atomic masses. The relative abundance of an isotope is the percentage of atoms with a specific atomic mass found. naturally occurring stable isotopes. For example, the average atomic mass of carbon is calculated as (98.9% 12.0 + 1.1% 13.003355) 100%. = 12.011 For most purposes such as weighing out bulk chemicals only the average molecular mass is relevant since what one is weighing is a statistical distribution of varying isotopic compositions First, you need to know the number of stable isotopes of carbon. Carbon has two stable isotopes: carbon-12 and carbon-13. You also need to know the relative abundance of each of the isotopes. Assume that in the sample, the abundance of carbon-12 is 0.9893 and the abundance of carbon-13 is 0.0107. These abundances are very similar to those that can be found in nature. To calculate the atomic. Purchase Handbook of Stable Isotope Analytical Techniques, Volume I - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN 9780444511140, 978008053327


This technique, called stable isotope dilution-mass spectrometry (SID-MS), has a long history starting from the dawn of mass spectrometers. Isotope dilution analysis of complex organic compounds was first described in 1940 by Rittenberg and Foster (1). It is still being used in an ever widening range of quantitative applications (e.g Table of Isotopic Masses and Natural Abundances This table lists the mass and percent natural abundance for the stable nuclides. The mass of the longest lived isotope is given for elements without a stable nuclide. Nuclides marked with an asterisk (*) in the abundance column indicate that it is not present in nature or that a meaningful natural abundance cannot be given. The isotopic mass data. Isotopic measurements can also provide input for mass-balance calculations and quantitative constraints on reaction progress. 2.2 Fundamentals of Isotope Geochemistry . The following section presents a very brief discussion of the fundamentals of stable and radio-isotope geochemistry, intended to provide readers with the necessary background information to understand the succeeding chapters.

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Stable isotope analysis of POPs for environmental forensics applications is still in its early days. There are still a large number of analytical challenges which mean that the calculation of isotope ratios in POPs is far from being a routine method. As these techniques continue to develop we are sure to see more practical applications on the. ISOTOPIC LABELS IN MASS SPEC INTERNAL STANDARDS. Scott W. Landvatter and Rich Tyburski. INTRODUCTION . Clinical applications of LC-MS/MS have risen steadily over the . last ten years. MS-based methods to quantify key biological components have been based on the improved sensitivity, specificity and throughput of the LC-MS/MS. Stable isotope-labeled internal standards are important features of. Note that this calculation technique works only with two isotopes. If you have three or more, there are too many variables and not enough equations. I hope it's obvious why you wouldn't do this with an element that has only one stable isotope! By the way, the 'trick' works because the other equation required is: x + y = CIL offers a broad and diverse array of unlabeled and stable isotope-labeled amino acids. These include free and protected amino acids (for both canonical and non-canonical) as well as mixes and methyl labeling kits. The amino acids are available for different grade material (e.g., research, microbiological and pyrogen tested), with the labeling accessible for different isotopic enrichments. ionOS ® is the most advanced software ever created for the stable isotope community. With the increasing demand on the modern-day laboratory for ever more efficiency, the overhead of processing and evaluating large data sets is an unwelcome requirement. ionOS removes these demands saving the analyst time and money whilst generating data more consistently

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Evaporation Using Stable Isotopes passing complete annual cycles (and hence approximating conditions of consistent water balance). Indeed, the main strength of the isotope-mass balance approach lies in the ability to derive useful water balance information in the absence of detailed hydrometeorological information. Fig. 2. Site locations. Isotope dilution, radiochemical method of analysis for measuring the mass and quantity of an element in a substance. The procedure involves adding to a substance a known quantity of a radioisotope of the element to be measured and mixing it with the stable isotope of the element. A sample is the

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ISOCONC1_01.xls is a Microsoft Excel 2000™ spreadsheet which performs calculations for the concentration-weighted stable isotope mixing model. This dual-isotope model takes into account isotopic element concentration differences among the sources in determining the proportional contributions of sources to a mixture. The user supplies the isotopic signatures for each source and the mixture. Comparing trophic position of freshwater fish calculated using stable nitrogen isotope ratios (??<SUP>15</SUP>N) and literature dietary data . Article (PDF Available) in Canadian Journal of. Stable isotopes have been used with MS for several decades by pharmacologists and toxicologists as internal standard The exact abundance of each isotopic peak can be calculated based on the binomial distribution, that is the natural abundance of single-carbon-labeled aspartate is 4 × ([1.11%] 1) × [100-1.11%] 4-1) = 4.3%, and unlabeled U-12 C-aspartate is (100-1.11%) 4 = 95.7%. Quantifying the multiple facets of isotopic diversity: New metrics for stable isotope ecology. They can also be calculated with more than two stable isotopes. In addition, we also provide a procedure for calculating the levels of isotopic overlap (similarity and turnover) between two groups of organisms. These metrics have been implemented into new functions in R made freely available to.

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The less abundant stable isotope(s) of an element have one or two additional neutrons than protons, and thus are heavier than the more common stable isotope for those elements. Both heavy and light stable isotopes participate freely in chemical reactions and in biological and geochemical processes, but the rate at which heavy and light stable isotopes react during physical or chemical. How do you determine and calculate isotope abundance when you know the relative atomic mass (also known as atomic weight), as measured in amu or atomic mass numbers? Here we will go through the. Stable non-radioactive isotopes can be used as safe tracers to investigate human metabolism in research and medical applications. Drs. Il-Young Kim and Robert Wolfe of The University of.

The analysis of the stable isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur has widespread applicability in the natural sciences. The natural variations in the relative abundances of these isotopes can provide useful information in a wide variety of applications, such as forensics, food authenticity, environmental and paleoclimate research Delta values are calculated from two sets of ratios: the ratio of the lighter & heavier isotope of a sample and the known standard multiplied by 1000 (e.g., parts per mil). 1000 is used in order to move the decimal place to obtain a workable value. The raw stable isotope data were standardized. The stable isotope data were standardizedOr The stable isotope data from the laboratory. Therefore, the atomic masses of isotopes are different from each other. Isotopes can be divided mainly into two groups as stable isotopes and unstable isotopes. The main difference between stable and unstable isotopes is that stable isotopes have stable nuclei whereas unstable isotopes have unstable nuclei. Key Areas Covered. 1. What are Stable. stable isotopes most commonly used in isotope hydrology ; we will focus here on the stable isotopes of H and O; relative abundance of H and O isotopes in terrestrial waters ; Isotope: average abundance: Hydrogen: 1 1 H: 0.99985 : 1 2 H: 0.00015 : 3 1 H: 10-16 to 10-18: Oxygen: 16 8 O: 0.99757 : 17 8 O: 0.00038 : 18 8 O: 0.00205: D, was first isolated by the Columbia chemist Harold C. Urey in. In this study, 34S-stable isotope analysis was extended in terms of the calculation for the enrichment factor and the kinetic analysis for bacterial sulfate reduction. With this extended method, we attempted for the first time to assess the true rate of bacterial sulfate reduction when sulfide oxidation co-occurs. The joint application of the.

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Isotopic fractionation, enrichment of one isotope relative to another in a chemical or physical process. Two isotopes of an element are different in weight but not in gross chemical properties, which are determined by the number of electrons. However, subtle chemical effects do result from th Silver (Ag) has two stable isotopes: silver-107(107 Ag) and silver-109 (109 Ag). Silver-107 has a mass of 106.90509 amu and silver-109 has a mass of 108.90476 amu. Calculate the percentage abundance of each isotope. Strategy. To calculate percentage abundance, we must first know the fractional abundance of each isotope. But from the question.

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Isotope Decay Rate (Half-Life) In other words one-half of the atoms have reverted to a more stable state material. Half-lives of radionuclides range from microseconds to billions of years. Half-life of two widely used industrial isotopes are 74 days for iridium-192, and 5.3 years for cobalt-60. More exacting calculations can be made for the half-life of these materials, however, these. Isotopic Abundance Calculations. For elements with more than one isotope there are a variety of problems you need to be able to solve. You not only need to be able to calculate the average mass from the isotopic abundance and masses, but go backwards, using the atomic weight on the periodic table as the average atomic mass. Rewriting eq. 2.3.1. Most relevant lists of abbreviations for SIFC (Stable Isotope Fractionation Calculator) 1. Atomic Physics; 1. Chemistry; 1. Physics; Alternative Meanings 19 alternative SIFC meanings. SIFC - Safety in the Food Chain; SIFC - Sahara India Financial Corporation; SIFC - Saskatchewan Indian Federated College; SIFC - Saskatchewan Indian Federation College ; SIFC - Saskatoon International Folkdance. Stable isotope analysis can be used in ecological studies to trace chemical movement through the environment. A common application is to use the isotopic composition of a mixture to determine the proportions of various sources in the mixture, using mathematical mixing models. The publications listed below describe three mixing models developed by EPA, and the application of mixing models to.

Tracking Animal Migration with Stable Isotopes, Second Edition, provides a complete introduction to new and powerful isotopic tools and applications that track animal migration, reviewing where isotope tracers fit in the modern toolbox of tracking methods. The book provides background information on a broad range of migration scenarios in terrestrial and aquatic systems and summarizes the most. Stable Isotope Gas Analyzer SABLE ENABLES The new Stable Isotope Gas Analyzer is a cutting- edge upgrade to our standard Promethion™ systems, allowing simultaneous measurement of stable isotope tracers synchronously with the Promethion data stream. Measure the oxidation of exogenous nutrients Figure A shows the oxidative disposal of a 2.5 mg bolus of 13C-glucose in a control mouse. Possible.

ESS 312 Geochemistry Tutorial on Stable Isotopes (1) Isotopic compositions - the δ value. Differences in the 18O/16O, D (iv) above. Is the water isotopic composition you calculate the same in both cases? (Thus, even though you can't. sample the water the veins were deposited from, you have a way to cross-check whether the two minerals reached equilibrium with the fluid, which can give. Thus stable isotope data are a meaningful complement to classical flood proxies and are applicable to all lakes in carbonaceous catchments with discernible stable isotope signatures of detrital catchment and endogenic lake calcite. Although measurements are straightforward and easy to apply, robust interpretation of lake carbonate stable isotopes require an in-depth knowledge about the. tance to isotope ecologists as they are used to calculate tro-phic position and relationships (Post 2002), and also form an integral part of the equations used in stable isotope mix-ing models where a discrepancy of just 1 & can greatly alter the estimated contributions of dietary sources (Bond & Dia-mond 2011). Parrots (Order: Psittaciformes. Mixing and Dilution of Isotopes (This is a somewhat paraphrased summary of the pertinent information from Chapter 18 of Faure (1998) I. Introduction . A. At Earth's surface mixing of two or more so-called end-member components having differing isotopic or chemical compositions frequently results from a variety of natural processes. This situation is especially prevalent when two. Unfortunately, the isotope pattern measured for this compound looks somewhat erroneous: The calculated isotope pattern of molecular formula C 7 H 14 N 2 O 7 S matches the measured spectrum much better than the calculated isotope pattern of the correct molecular formula C 15 H 10 O 5 (see Fig. 2)

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Stable Isotopes. When we talk about the isotopic ratio in a sample, we talk about the delta value. Let's look at how a delta value is actually calculated: The first step in figuring out the δ 13 C for a sample is to find the ratio of 13 C to 12 C within the sample. Next compare (by dividing) this ratio to the ratio of 13 C to 12 C in a standard CAN STABLE ISOTOPE RATIOS PROVIDE FOR COMMUNITY-WIDE MEASURES OF TROPHIC STRUCTURE? CRAIG A. LAYMAN, 1,5 D. ALBREY ARRINGTON,2 CARMEN G. MONTAN˜A,3 AND DAVID M. POST 4 1Marine Science Program, Department of Biological Sciences, 3000 NE 151st Street, North Miami, Florida 33181 USA 2Loxahatchee River District, 2500 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, Florida 33458-8964 USA 3Universidad de Los Llanos. Stable isotope analysis is a powerful tool for obesity research. Nutrients labeled with these tracers are nontoxic to animal models and can be continuously tracked in vivo.. In this webinar, Dr. Marshall McCue will review stable isotope biochemistry, standard nomenclature, unit conversions and simple calculations

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Having more than a decade of experience in isotope analysis, stable isotope testing, and by combining commercial testing with our own research in the field, means ALS Scandinavia is at the absolute forefront of isotopic ratio testing. We are the only commercial isotope laboratory offering isotope ratio analysis of heavy stable elements such as Si, Fe, Cu, Zn and Mo. The isotopic composition of. Chlorine (17 Cl) has 25 isotopes with mass numbers ranging from 28 Cl to 52 Cl and 2 isomers (34m Cl and 38m Cl). There are two stable isotopes, 35 Cl (75.77%) and 37 Cl (24.23%), giving chlorine a standard atomic weight of 35.45. The longest-lived radioactive isotope is 36 Cl, which has a half-life of 301,000 years. All other isotopes have half-lives under 1 hour, many less than one second Calculated offsets are reported in tabulated form in Table 1, but because the magnitude of such corrections is inconsequential for our conclusions (i.e., the vast majority are smaller than the reported analytical precision), Zr stable isotope results reported in Table 1 and discussed throughout the text are uncorrected for residual Mo interference Oxygen has three stable isotopes. Natural variation of the oxygen isotopic composition of water, when combined with hydrogen isotopes, can be used for determining precipitation sources as well as evaporation effects. In addition the oxygen isotope ratio of solid phases (e.g. carbonate minerals) can record paleo-climate and paleo-hydrologic. The stable isotope mixing model revealed the main contributions of a group of bivalves, Mya arenaria and Cerastoderma glaucum, to be 46-54%, and while the crustacean, Saduria entomon, comprised 26-35% of the diet. This study quantifies contributions of different food sources in the winter diet of the Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca) in coastal waters of the Lithuanian Baltic Sea using non.

the technical stable isotope methods and the results for water turnover and water flux. Results for the volume of breast milk consumed are presented in chapter 5. Results for body composition and fluid intake are not presented in this report, due to the difficulties experienced in accurately estimating stable isotope losses. J.1. Models used in. The following diagrams show the isotopes of chlorine and how to calculate the relative atomic mass. Scroll down the page for examples and solutions. Isotopes. Isotopes are atoms of the same element that have different number of neutrons. (In order for them to be atoms of the same element, their number of protons would be the same) Example: is an isotope of chlorine that has 17 protons and 18. Water isotope calculation tool. A thoroughly validated spreadsheet for calculating isotopic abundances (2H, 17O, 18O) for mixtures of waters with different isotopic compositions . V. Faghihi, H. A. J. Meijer, M. Gröning. Rapid Communications in mass spectrometry, 2015, 29:1351-1356. We present a user-friendly, thoroughly validated spreadsheet for calculating 2 H, 17 O and 18 O stable.

The stable nitrogen isotope discrimination factor of 3·10‰ obtained here for kea is close to the frequently adopted value of 3·40‰ per trophic level (Post 2002). The unusually high stable carbon isotope discrimination factor reported here may be the consequence of the kea's extremely high basal metabolic rate (BMR; 37% higher than expected from their body mass; McNab & Salisbury 1995 ) The isotopic ratio is measured using an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS). There are two main types, or modes, of IRMS, dual inlet (DI) and continuous flow (CF) each with their own advantages to different applications. Stable isotope ratios are expressed in delta values relative to international scales. To calculate the ratio of an unknown sample you must compare it to a known reference

Conical flask containing iodine with gas - Stock ImageXenon, atomic structure - Stock Image C023/2560 - ScienceAmericium, atomic structure - Stock Image C018/3776Uranium, atomic structure - Stock Image C018/3773Thorium, atomic structure - Stock Image C018/3771Argon, atomic structure - Stock Image C018/3699 - Science

Principles of Stable Isotope Geochemistry is written as a textbook to accompany a one semester course in Stable Isotope Geochemistry. There are 13 chapters, each dealing with a specific subtopic of the field. Other than Chapters 1 and 2 - introduction and definitions - most of the remaining chapters can be read without reliance on the preceding ones Isotopes and the delta notation. All water molecules consist of two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom, but there are different stable isotopes of Hydrogen and Oxygen. The table shows the approximate occurrence rates of naturally occurring Hydrogen and Oxygen: 1 H: 2 H: 3 H (radioactive) 99.985%: 0.015%: varies 16 O: 17 O: 18 O: 99.759% 0.037% 0.204%: The vast majority of water molecules. Stable isotope labeling was used shortly after the discovery of deuterium in 1931, the heavy isotope of hydrogen, by Harold Urey. Urey received a Nobel Prize in 1934 for this discovery. Already in 1935 Rudolf Schoenheimer used isotopic tracer techniques in metabolic research for stable isotope labeling experiments. His work, for the first time, provided clear experimental evidence of the. Stable isotope analysis can be used in ecological studies to trace chemical movement through the environment. A common application is to use the isotopic composition of a mixture to determine the proportions of various sources in the mixture, using mathematical mixing models. Examples include quantifying the importance of various pollutant sources to contaminated water, or the importance of. Mercury stable isotopes as an eye-opener on the role of vegetation in global mercury cycling 10:50 - 11:15 Coffee break 11:15 - 12:20 Morning session 2 - Topic 1: Advances in Analytics II 11:15 - 12:00 Danilo Sciarrone (University of Messina, Italy): Simultaneous detection by isotope ratio and quadrupole mass spectrometry coupled t Calculate the average atomic mass (in amu) of element X. Solution: 1) Calculate the percent abundance for each isotope: X-12: 100/110 = 0.909 X-14: 10/110 = 0.091 . 2) Calculate the average atomic weight: x = (12.00) (0.909) + (14.00) (0.091) x = 12.18 amu (to four sig figs) 3) Here's another way: 100 atoms with mass 12 = total atom mass of 1200 10 atoms with mass 14 = total atom mass of 140.

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